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Hi @Moeed  Just noticed that whilst your solution makes it look great, on desktop it prevents one of the links in the footer menu from being "clickable" - I've tried playing with the pixel height but just changes which of the 2 lowest menu links aren...
Hi, Hoping someone can advise how I change the information that Google displays about my store in its search results.  As you can see from the highlighted section in the screenshot, the main title is showing as my web address whereas my page title & ...
Hi, I've been doing some work trying to increase my site speed. Whilst checking Google tag manager I've noticed I have a tag that it says is for "Shopify Channel App" but there has never been any data received by Google. The Google & Youtube app in S...
Don't worry - I've sorted. Thanks.
Sorry, one more question.... How do I make it so the white box is contained within the limits of the page/screen on mobile? See screenshot - the right side hangs over the edge of the screen but want it to look like the left side does, please.  Thanks...
Thank you very much indeed Enjoy the rest of your day!
Yes!  Looks good, thank you. Could you advise on code?
Hi @NVT_DEV  Looking @ - https://shopify.dev/docs/custom-storefronts/hydrogen/getting-started I believe, as per screenshot, that you can, yes   Hope that helps.
In from the left slightly, box more square than rectangle, please. Thanks.
Almost, would want it top left floating so not touching the top of side if that makes sense? Also, is there anyway to make the text run over 2 lines instead of the box being wider? Thanks.
Hi @websensepro  Yes, correct.However would ideally prefer it to be a white background box or just text and button with no background box for the text.Thanks.
 Like this.
It's the main video banner on the home/landing page @ https://baileybespoke.co.uk/ Thanks.
Hi @websensepro  It's :baileybespoke.co.uk Thanks.
Hi,I have created a video background using this code I found online :  <div class="hero"> <div> <h1>{{ section.settings.heading }}</h1> <a class='button' href='{{ section.settings.link_url }}'>{{ section.settings.link_text }}</a> </div> <vi...
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