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  Hi do you mean this or where can I find  cart-drawer__item-qty.? 
Hi, When I add an item to my shopping cart I get the following undefined item showing on my page how can I fix this?  website url: Thanks in advance
Hi,We have just set-up our online store and need some help with placing the klarna (payment provider) logo in the footer besides the other payments icon. Since we know that the app does not add that automatically.... Any solution out there for this? ...
Have been looking for a while for an app where I can add custom stars with custom text next to them without adding actual reviews. Someone recommendations preferably not html because I want the stars in bold style. See photo as an example.  
Hi, Does anyone know why my icons are so small on mobile and how I can change this? The size chart tells me that a maximum of 40px is available on mobile. My current theme I am using is Palo Alto. 
Yes, dit zag ik ookal hoe kan ik dit aanpassen? 
Yo Sander, check de screenshot ---> 
Hi!Anyone know how to change the arrow in thebutton of the review section from black colour to the colour white #FFFFFF in theme css?On all pages: home, product & collection. Thanks in advance for the effort.
As you see in the link -> it says SUBTOATAL how can I change this to subtotal?
I was wondering if anyone could help me change the font color for certain sections to custom color in theme css.My website is section FAQ has white background needs to change to #F7C1BBAlso on productpage the FAQ needs to have #F7C1BB as...
Aah you are amazing it works only on the icon headings could you also change the menu (Kid Pillow, FAQ, Contact) these still remain black can you adjust this to the colors as well?
Is there anyone who can help me add waves to certain sections of my store www.zooby.nlWith this theme, I can only check the footer to add these waves.Please add waves as shown in the picture:  
Hi Fadi my bad. Website is and the color code can be #FAF9FE. Thanks.
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