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Hi Experts,I hope you are doing well.How can I hide the paypal button based on some locations on Checkout page?I'm on already Shopify Checkout Extensibility.Can we use the Extension for this? 
Hey Recharge Experts!I hope you are doing well and having a great weekend ❤️ I have a simple question.How can I disable the RechargeSMS app from my store? Thank you!*ES*
Thank you Liam,Then can I get the Multi currency rate?For example, if I would like to get the Peso(Philippines currency), how can I do it?As per my check on this, there was no price info.Thanks again.
Hello Experts,I hope you are doing well!So how can I use the multi currency on shopify Native drawer cart.I would like to build the Free Shipping Tier bar, so I need to use the Multicurrency.Perhaps, is this one of the Shopify APIs?Like this - https:...
Okay, thank you for your kind support!!! 
Thank you for your reply @NuellDave !But I have a simple question.Unfortunately, we can't use the DOM & Javascript event in extension and can use only some Components what Shopify provides.How can we add the Javascript event to checkout extension?
Hey Experts,I hope you are doing well!I'm building the extension for Shopify Checkout page.I used the Collapsable Banner and it will be opened when we click the button.but I would like to make it so that it will be always opened automatically while t...
Great thank you Liam!I've solved that issue!Good luck with you!
Hi Liam,Thank you for your kind reply again.So did you mean I need to build a custom app?Can we implement it only using the checkout extension?And I've just contacted the app team but they said it is a limit since Shopify didn't provide the API to di...
Hey guys,How are you today?I have a question.How can we adjust the Local Pickup option on checkout page based on the customer's Zip code?As a note, I'm on Checkout Extensibility, Shopify Plus. we have to use the third-pa...
Thank you for your reply Liam!Yeah, the my custom JS code is not working due to this.
Hey guys,I hope you are doing well I'm facing the crash issue between inch symbol of the Size option value and json format in the Product Page. is the solution to avoid this issue?Thank you!
Hey guys,I hope you are doing well.I'm very very glad to jump here.Would you please give me a hand for a while?I would like to customize the Paypal button in the Cart page.Maybe if you know how to do it, please advise for me.Thank you in advance.Best...
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