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If I hide them from collection the shopify discounts are not applied fine. So I decided to use conditional logic on shopify variants that changes price 
When I use Seo.hidden the product is only hidden from search not from collections. How can I do?Thanks 
Hellothanks However, in this way the product will be not displayed anymore as add on product 
How to hide an active product/collection from my store? I need only to use them as add on products
Dear allkindly help need to set product options with conditional logic and to set add on prices (extra prices) based on the options will be selected. tried many apps without result having problems on the cart or requiring to add on product to have ad...
 This is my website you can see the add on product is displayed in the collection. With your app is it possible to not create add on product? Thanks 
Thank you for the answer. Good to hear that the add on price will be displayed into the same product. However, is the the add on product displayed within the products collection?
I need to create add on price without adding an add on product linked to a conditional logic.For example, a personalized bracelet with 1 to 10 pendants, each pendant add price and based on the number of pendants I choose, the system will allow to ins...
How to change TASTE theme product title size? Please explain me step by step. Thanks!
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