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Hi all, I'm trying to install the Microsoft advertising tracking on shopify, I've followed their guide and added the script to the theme.liquid. The next step is to add the script to the checkout page, by going to settings > Checkout> Order status pa...
If you want something static you can place this on a random page? <p><img src="" onclick="document.querySelector('.egg').style.display = 'block'" /> </p> <p class="egg" style="display: none; ba...
This is the line of what I was thinking but I wanted the discount to automatically apply rather than them needing to use a code. I want the system to understand they get this offer and it gives them the free shipping+ as the only option. I can add an...
You could build the flow to remove the tag after the user uses that discount to stop it being used more than once? 
Hello! I'm looking at doing a paid shipping option which grants the customer free shipping for 12months. For example we want a shipping option to say 'Shipping+ Get 12months of Free Next Day Shipping = Price £14.99'.This will enable the customer to a...
Thank you, that works, for the last chance to change would I change the code to be:<style> .site-nav__item:last-child summary { color: red !important; } </style> 
Hello, I would like to change the colour of the first nav item and the last, can anyone advise how this could be achieved? We are using the expanse theme, and this is our site: I want to change the Mother's day text to 'Pink', and ...
Hi all, I am using the expanse theme, and looking to add product labels.My store is would like to add an image tag on product photos, in the theme there is a 'sale' tag that triggers from a compare price change.I would like to be abl...
I fixed this by doing the following: .grid__image-ratio--portrait:before {padding-bottom: 130%;}
Hello all! I have a store Which is using the expanse theme, the image options are 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, however all our product image photos are set at 4:5, is there a way to set the product images in collections to display 4:5? Thanks in ad...
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