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Hello @oscprofessional. Thanks for the reply. I tried the code but, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working. My initial code displays the images somewhat correctly but they are getting cropped on different sizes, as mentioned earlier. @media (ma...
Try this code:.header__menu-item span { text-decoration: unset !important; position: relative; } .header__menu-item span::after { content: ""; height: 2px; width: 0; background-color: currentColor; position: absolute; bottom: -8px; ...
Hi all,I have been trying to display a responsive image slideshow on different devices. I managed to create a custom liquid section (code attached) to display three different images according to the devices - desktop, tablet, and mobile.The desktop a...
Would you please be kind enough to tell me how to do customise the other grid items as well?I tried to modify the above code but they all seem to have the same class and I am unable to target the right elements.Edit: I was able to do it. I missed out...
Thanks a lot. It seems to be working now.  However, there is a minor issue with the positioning of the icons.- Do you think there is a better way to set the vertical position of the icons, without using the "Top" property?- Is it possible to display ...
Thanks. The code provided by you for the Footer menu is working to some extent but it is messing up the header menu.It is displaying the image icon in the Footer menu but totally messing up the Header icon.
I put it in section-footer-css as you directed. However, it's still not working. The code provided below by @TerenceKEANE is working to some extent but it is messing up the Header menu. 
I added the code but it wasn't showing any changes. Now, I have removed and re-added the code to my base.css file. Please let me know if it's showing up for you.
Thanks for your time, Zeel. I used the code you provided but it does not seem to be working. Can you please re-check it? 
Thanks a lot, man. I was able to it because of you. Really appreciate your help. Would you please be kind enough to tell me how to do it for the footer menus as well? Thanks a lot for your time.
Sure, here are the SVG links of the images.Anklet - - Trees - - https://...
Hello, thanks for the reply. I want to add image icons to the top navigation menu in the header.Adding the images to the footer menu like you suggested would also be a great add-on.  
Hi all,I have been trying to add icons to my dropdown menu and been unable to do so. (Screenshot attached for reference). I do not want to use any apps, and I am using the default Dawn theme.This is how I want my menu to look like  The screenshot is...
Hey man. Hope you are doing well. I tried creating Meta objects and Meta fields but I am unable to understand how to link them to navigation menus to display the image icons. Can you please help? I'd really appreciate it.I tried searching for tutoria...
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