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So you didn't read my post???? they have never gotten back to me . 
Be careful,  I'm having issues and a very hard time getting any answers from shopify 
Why wont shopify release my domain that I bought from them? All I get is email support team and they will take care of it..... Yeah right .... I'm still waiting a week later and have heard nothing...
How do I get my Domain from these guys?
Ok, so I'm really new at this ( putting together a website ) I tried and it sucked, so I purchased one from a shopify partner site, then less than 24 hours after opening my account was terminated, So I just wondering,  I replied to the email with all...
It was terminated,  I replied with all the paperwork they wanted and I still sit and wait a week later and have heard nothing, so I was just wondering if I'm wasting my time.
I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time or do I just need to move on to Wix ? 
Has anyone ever had their account reactivated after being terminated? 
Has anyone ever gotten a response back from the risk team, I've read alot of these and Noone ever seams to get a response from them  
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