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apparently its for my all store - 3144
Hi im having a hard time figure it out. how do I change The button color of Buy now on mobile platformURL: 
Hi, can someone help me to add trust badges on my cart pageI just want to put an image file on a specific location. URL: - 3144 location:  Image: thanks in advance if someone manage to help me.
Hi, i'm having a hard time doing it...I want in the product page make a slideshow on the image, both on phone and pchow can I do this? - 3144   
Hello everyone, wondering how can I change the text on the CJdropshipping button to "Customize"Thanks in advance! - 3144 
Hi how do I change the Position and Color of the cjdropshipping design button? - 3144 
Yes, sorry about - 3144
Hi, can someone help me changing the link color by CSS code?Thanks in advance!.  
Hi, can someone help me changing colors for this buttons? - 3144 - 3144
just to inform you guys that I need the change only on pc webs (chrome, firefox, opera etc...)I dont need to change it on phone browser.
Hello, I need Help about Fixing the Position of the left navigate menu.Just the left side!. thank in Advance If someone manage to fix it. 
Hello, I'm having a hard time trying to fix it...the searching icon is not in place in both URL: - 3144 
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