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Any advice on this? I still haven't found a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Aren't you a developer? I'm confused.That's why I'm asking for help here. I have made it very clear in my posts that I need coding help, and for what exactly. Site details are below.  URL:
Hi all,It's really easy to fill the 500 character limit that the CSS fields in the theme editor provides in Wokiee, so I've tried to create a new asset in the backend that can house much more CSS, but it won't take affect.I've tried creating a .css f...
Like I said, any help would be greatly appreciated. I've provided the URL of the site in the previous post.
Hi Joseph,Thank you for your reply.The settings of the product page provides the ability to arrange blocks/sections, but it is limited with being able to arrange elements within the blocks/sections. In this case, I am unable to select the product des...
The name of the theme is in the title of this post - it's called Wokiee. URL:
Hi all,The default position of the product description in the demo I'm using in Wokiee is underneath the "add to cart" button. I'm currently also using a third party app for bundle boxes that take up a significant amount of real estate, so I'd like t...
Hi all,I'm really struggling with finding what seem like basic features/functions on this theme. I've configured a text and image section to give the image the most real estate possible just so I can see what it would look like. What I would like to ...
Hi Suyash, I'm working within the Wokiee theme and can't find the corresponding code for the description and the title in the example @dmwwebartisan  provided that is supposed to be in the sections/product-template.liquid file. The website is still n...
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