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I'm facing a similar problem with my Shopify Plus account. I want to get rid of the highlighted text on the checkout page. I don't want this information to appear during the checkout process. 
Hi there,I'm looking to add a sliding banner to the header and a countdown banner, similar to the screenshot provided. I've tried various solutions for the new checkout, but I haven't found a clear way to implement this. Can you provide assistance on...
Just wrap above CSS within media queries, like this@media screen and (min-width: 1025px) { .product-card-wrapper .card__content > .card__information { display: flex; justify-content: space-between; padding-right: 0; } .product-card-wrappe...
you can find the file within snippets section with name "card-product.liquid"Add the class here near "card__information".Or You can use this CSS without adding class. .product-card-wrapper .card__content > .card__information { display: flex; ...
Hey @jam_chan Yes! you can do it using Shopify Bundle app, and it is free and provided by Shopify. And you can complete individual product from you store (Only will available with bundles). To do this: find the product (of the bundle item) in your Sh...
Hey @PRETTYFRIDAYS You can achieve this using CSS. Follow the steps below: Add an extra class (inline-items) to "card__information," as shown in the screenshot.After that add below rule within current CSS (component-card.css) file. .inline-items { ...
It looks like it's working now. Maybe there was a temporary issue with Shopify. We didn't make any changes, and it's working perfectly.
We are getting an same error when processing CC payment. We're thinking there's an issue with stripe or payments. I am trying to add new credit card with draft orders, it is not submitting and getting following error each time.  
When I search for my website "" on Safari, Google suggests the correct site, but Siri suggests an unknown and potentially insecure domain "" I'm not sure where this other domain is coming from. This issue only happens on...
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