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I did exactly what you advised, I was so so hoping it 's going to work, but unfortunately, still nothing shows up ....Thanks so much for your reply, if you have any other ideas, I would be more than happy to try !!
I would like to know that too. Did you find a solution for that? would appreciate if you can share with me Thank you 
Blog on the Crave Theme.The number of blog posts to show on my 'Blog Post' section, is only 4 maximum (How can I change it, in source code doesn't allow me). If I add more posts, those ones will not be shown at all, even though the 'VIEW ALL' button ...
Thanks so much, appreciate your help.Unfortunately it didn't work at all, I replaced your code with the old one (you suggested before) and nothing changed at all. The Social Media Icons were not below Email Signup and the column for quick links which...
Hello thereI have inserted this code to my Crave theme and it worked. Thanks so much!The only problem I would have right now is that the Social Media Icons are not right below Email Signup. Also would it be any way to extend the first column I have i...
Hello there,I'm new here and have same problemWould you please help me with that too?I would need to extend the columns form my footer, maybe to move a bit to the right so the first column can fit better, or to enlarge the first column a bit more.It'...
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