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I'm late to this party.  We're buying a butcher shop that currently accepts EBT/Snap but uses old POS and I have been setting up to move over to Shopify for many reasons.  Now I find out can't do EBT and that's a big piece of our business and custome...
Thanks for this... but my problem is when I'm importing the csv file back into Shopify.   It gets rid of the zero's then for me.   ???  HELP
Another option I've found and will be implementing is the Price Embedded Barcode Scanner by Filljoy.   I've been digging in to this and working with several app developers and this one is perfect for what we're doing.   I encourage anyone else lookin...
We are a butcher shop and deli.  We use weight scales that print weight and price for the customer who takes it to the register to purchase.  I'm hoping to move over to Shopify but how does this system handle that?  
Did you find a solution for this?  it's a huge issue for us in thinking about changing over to Shopify and moving to more online sales options.  Thanks.   
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