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Hi Yes it is: thanksK
HiI'm using the taste 2.0 theme i have already successfully moved the product description below my products following this solved solution:
hi @ecloart you have replied saying thanks and it was simple to add the name filed into your email sign up. Do you have the fix for it, as there isn't any information on here now? thanksk
hi, what are the costs involved in doing this?
hi @WhiteWater_Web  I'd be happy to direct the user to one of my specific collections - for example the collection called "the whole line up" but I've no clue how to do this as everything I've tried from various help, chats and discussions hasn't wor...
Hi I'm using the Taste 2.0 Theme. When my cart is empty I get a button that says "continue shopping", which is great. When you click the button you are taken to the All Products collection page - not so great. I'd rather one of 2 things to happen ins...
Hi @LitExtension I know you wrote this reply a while ago but I'm having the same issue as @JSmms however the code you kindly shared doesn't seem to work for me. The continue shopping button always takes me to the All Products collection.I tried to ge...
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