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The problem is that the "main" currency is DKK. which is formatted correctly:is there a way to format the conversion currencies?  
hey I need help removing the prefixed "€" symbol my product prices get when converting away from its original DKK currency. PS. to be clear I would like "€54.95 EUR" to be "54.95 EUR". thanks in advance
same for me.. some browsers works while others dont. but the inconsistency is annoying!
On my website the cart is not behaving correctly, showing that my cart is empty when I try to remove the last item in my cart. Instead it shows nothingand when I refresh it has not removed the last item from the bag.I am using ...
Okay so several questions here: 1) RED MARK: Is there any way I can thin the lines of this 'X' symbol? Either by configuring CSS or replacing the SVG?2) BLUE MARK: After having configuered the box-shadow I have this problem when viewing the webshop o...
did however find out myselfunder the file 'component-card.css' i find the targeting'.underline-links-hover:hover a'and then add 'text-decoration-thickness: 0.01em;'
sorry but does not. other than trying to remove the text-dec it doesnt also succeed in targeting the right element. ://
hey I need help thinning the underlining on hovering the product cards on my home pageas seen in the pic above, I would like the the underline on "ALL HEAVENS" to be thinner. thanks in advance
works. thanks!!do you have an idea how to make the underlining on product name when hovering over product cards on the catalog page thinner?
this doesnt work:/only removes the trashcan but doesnt put any text 
also I had a hard time thinning the underlining on the product cards. maybe you know how to ? 
only succesfully removes the trashcan 
seems the code injection doesnt workdoes still look like a trashcan:/
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