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Yes please and make it full-sized so that it's not cut off at all in desktop or mobile view.
It was hidden originally but i've duplicated a copy and have unhidden it! The new preview link is here:
Hello! I am working on a website right now and can't figure out how to make the ubereats logo image full sized (so it isn't cutoff). This is what it looks like by default: I want to figure out how I can make the section look like below using custom C...
I am working on a website using the Dawn theme. I was trying to make an image (inside an image with text section) full sized - I was able to achieve the results I was looking for (make the image full-width), but now I don't know how to make the image...
That code unfortunately didn't work either (even with the correct src/url). When I inserted the code you provided into custom CSS in the theme editor, I got this result:  This is very close to my desired result, but i want the image to be centred wit...
 I added the code but it didn't change anything   
Is there a way I can add custom CSS code to only the one particular section instead of the theme files?
The code also causes the image to disappear in mobile view. How can I fix this?   
Hello! Thank you so much - The code works for the section, but it somehow broke the hero/banner image on my home page (no hero image appears now, just an empty block). Please see the code I inserted in base.css: 
Hello! I am working on a website and am trying to make an image full-width within an image with text section. This is what it looks like right now: What custom CSS can I add to this section to achieve this result? See the image below: Here's the prev...
It worked, thank you!! FYI I had to change the min-height and max-height to 250px to fit the text in the cards properly. 
I added the code to theme.liquid, but it didn't change anything  
Thank you so much - it worked! I now need help tailoring the appearance of the product cards & images in mobile view. How can I edit the code to achieve the following:Make product cards are all the same sizeMake all the product images within the card...
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