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Hello, I want to customize my checkout with text. I want to summarize/recap what they gain with benefits, the guarantee, etc. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for your help!
Hello, I have a main product I sell. As a bonus for purchasing this product, I want to give customers a 1-month free trial to my online membership subscription. I use a third-party app (seal subscriptions) for this membership. However, I'm struggling...
Hello, I would like to duplicate an already existing email marketing campaign. Is this possible? If so, how can I achieve this? Thanks in advance for your help!
Hello, I'm trying to add multiple post-purchase upsells. However, I'm not able to add more than 2. Is 2 upsells the limit? Or is there a way to add more than 2 upsells after someone purchases a product? Thanks in advance for your help!
Hello, A customer who is subscribed to my monthly membership product just unsubscribed from my email newsletter. However, they are still subscribed & pay monthly for my membership. I send all membership content to their email address. How should I do...
Ya it worked, I added a Recaptcha and double opt-in
Hello, Over the last 24 hours I've received dozens of spam customer accounts subscribing to my email newsletter. I have an automated campaign sent to new subscribers. The email sent to these spam accounts was reported as spam by multiple fake account...
Hello, is it possible to add order form bumps to the checkout page? I would like to add an order form bump during checkout before someone enters their credit card information and buys. I've attached two images below for examples. I would like to add ...
Hello, I would like to change the font size & h2 font size for my blog posts on mobile view only. I am using Dawn theme. How can I do this? Thanks!
Hello, I am trying to add a sign-up email form to my blog post pages (each individual blog post). I want this form to display on the right-hand side and make it sticky so it remains where it is as users scroll down the page. Like this:    Is this pos... Roboto, 16px
Hello, I'm trying to change the font & font size of my blog posts (individual blog post pages) in the Dawn theme. However, I don't want to change the font & font size anywhere else on my site, just the individual blog posts.Is this possible? Thanks i...
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