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Hello, I was setting up my "payments" section in shopify and I thought about that how will I earn that money when I get a sale?, because there is not a "finances" section in my shopify because I'm in turkey, I just wanted to ask how can I get my earn...
Hello, Thanks for the answer about plans, the "an unexpected error occurred" problem solved by turning on a vpn also, i think the problem is from turkey and none of what you said would help, thanks for your time.
Hello, my problem solved, but I did it myself, I'm sorry to tell you this but you should know these better than me, I tried what you said and I my language was already on English, and every time I go to SHOPIFY HELP CENTER < contact support < account...
Hey, you told me to send a video format to see what is the problem, I've been waiting for a day, could you please answer I'm really trying to choose a plan
Hello,Thank you for responding, here's a video about me trying to choose a plan, I've tried choosing plan with two different credit cards one Mastercard and one Visa, both didn't work, I've tried it in the website but it still didn't work, I even tri...
I keep trying to click on the card number/expires/cvv but it doesn't work and i cant write anything I it,I've tried it in the website and in two different mobile devices, I really don't know what to do
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