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That didn't help unfortunately, the overflow is still green.EDIT: I fixed it, just did an inline directly on the tag. Another day another bad CSS habit lol, but at least it works.
No, the overflow background on mobile is consistently displaying in green, aligning with the color assigned to the 'Sale' element (designated as '.color-background-2'). Despite my attempts to customize this element, it appears to be directly influenc...
I'm dealing with a frustrating issue on my website. I want the "Sale" element next to the price on the Product sections to be green with white text, but my attempts to tweak the CSS inadvertently mess with the background color on mobile overflow maki...
I meant to click the Reply button not the Accept as Solution button, I apologize. I've implemented the suggested solution to modify the 'Add to Cart' button color. However, it's come to my attention that this adjustment is affecting the Home page, pa...
I'm looking to change the color of the 'Add to Cart' button on my Product page exclusively without affecting the Featured Products section in the Home page. Despite attempting Custom CSS for the Product section on my Product page, I haven't achieved ...
In the Taste theme – when I click the 'Add Section' button in Customize, nothing happens. There is no "Video Background" appearing. I need to troubleshoot this. Any guidance on how to address and resolve this matter would be greatly appreciated.EDIT:...
Unfortunately, the 'presets' attribute is already included before the 'endschema' in the file. For a detailed view of the code, please refer to this link:
Recently, I added a file called 'background-video.liquid' to the sections folder in order to create a section titled 'Video Background.' However, I'm facing an issue where the section doesn't show up in the 'Add Section' dropdown list when navigating...
I'm having trouble with the UpCart app on my Shopify store. The text for the cart menu is showing up as Gold in my actual store, but in the UpCart Design page, I've set it as #181818. I've attached images for reference.  MENU IN UPCART APP DESIGN PAG...
Thanks, and please share the information about the following queries also:- Where to change the redirect link for the "Continue shopping" button when the cart is empty- "Your cart is empty" page issue, where the "items" container keeps moving up and ...
I am currently working on customizing my Shopify store, utilizing the Taste theme. I am facing a challenge in locating the specific Liquid file responsible for the title on the Cart page.My goal is to change the default title "Your cart" to better al...
Hey everyone, I'm running into a problem with the checkout customization on my site. When I click 'Customize checkout,' I get a message saying 'Some items are no longer available.' Then, when I try to access the editor, it tells me the page URL doesn...
FIX: I just moved the "Page" section below the rich-text (because I edited out the page section content and squished it so that it's 0 pixels), and now the rich-text container doesn't move.
Appreciate your insight very much! So what will fix this issue? Or, more specifically, where do I find that line of code and what do I do with it?
Hi there, I've got a problem with my website's Tracking page. Every time I refresh it on the desktop version, the "Tracking" text container jumps to a new spot on the screen. I've already tried the following steps, and it did nothing:----------------...
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