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Hi @Maz @hillsshirehire ,We have a similar use case. We would like to conditionally charge customers up to 7 or 14 days after their order. What would our best option be to achieve this. We would like to charge the customer rather than an invoice and ...
The solution is that you can not simply specify url per envrionment. 1. Add the environment variable to your CI/CD pipeline2. Create a bash script called that takes a url as a paramater. For example you can run something like <ur...
If we having any Selling Plan experts would love a hand to achieve the following expected behavior on a cart: 1) Pay X% of the cart now now + Shipping Cost 2) Pay the remaining balance at a future date (ie. 14 days into the future) 3) We want our sel...
Background:We are an Checkout UI extension that that does the following on the checkout page: Current Behavior:Our selling plan currently splits the product cost into two payments:Payment X (due now)Payment Y, the remainder (due later)The total due n...
In Shopify Checkout UI, when applying a selling plan on the checkout page, if the store has express checkouts (such as Shop Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal) installed, they all crash. Although the selling plan is still applied, users are unable to use the...
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