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Yeah sounds like that's what I do.Shopify finally replied to my support ticket saying that they wouldn't help (it's their own app and their own library but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Yeah it's definitely a head-scratcher.By any chance, would you happen to know how to transcribe that graphQL query into the shopify-buy node package? That's my missing piece to get it to work on my nextjs headless storefront
Could you walk me through the requests you're using?FYI, I realized I could add checkoutUserErrors to the request to understand why it's not adding the bundle. Here's what I got:```"checkoutUserErrors": [{"code": "PRODUCT_NOT_AVAILABLE","field": ["in...
Glad to see I'm not the only one—unfortunately I haven't found a solution. Started a ticket yesterday with Shopify but I'm yet to have an answer (hence that community post).I'm pretty sure it's something stupid that needs to be done for bundles, but ...
 Yes, I've already confirmed these steps. The same request with a non-bundle product variant id does function as expected.with the bundle: with any other product:The bundle is available on all markets, in stock, and available on the headless storefro...
Hi there,I'm running into an issue where trying to add my bundle to a checkout returns a null:```mutation {checkoutCreate(input: { lineItems: [{ quantity: 1, variantId: "the_base_64_encoded_string_of_the_product_variant" }] }) {checkout {idwebUrl}}}`...
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