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Thank you! Yes I will probably need help with custom coding. With the tabs, will it take them on a different page? I was hoping to keep them in the same page.
Hello, I found this website where there are buttons that bring you to different collections without switching the page: I have been wanting to do this on my home page, but I cannot seem to figure it out. I would like to...
Hello,  When I am using the email marketing automations, the footer includes the store email (as set in the settings). However, if I want the footer of the email to have a different email for subscribers to contact us/reply all, how can I do that?   
Hello,  I need help getting my featured collection section on my home page to be a carousel. The toggle is already on but on mobile view, it's showing as a big block.  Thanks for your help!  
Hello, I am needing help with identifying why anytime I try to put something in the Custom CSS of my image banner, it keeps giving me this: Setting 'text' is invalid. Tag '<p>' is not permitted. I am unable to put in any sort of code because it says ...
Thank you! Do you mind making the shop now lowercase on the custom css? In the previous banner, the main menu header was also transparent until they scrolled down then it turned to white. Could you add those too back as well? I apologize I’m scared t...
I'm not entirely sure. I've been adding some codes to fix a few things, and I guess I made have made a mistake somewhere. Yes you can request collaborator access!
Hi! I removed the password temporarily. Please go ahead.
Hi, For some reason, my image banner just disappeared out of nowhere. I keep getting this notification.  Please help me. Thank you.  
Okay! How can that be arranged? Also, the code is causing the texts in all product cards to be pushed all the way to the left. How can this be adjusted on the code without affecting the positioning of the button? This is what it looks like right now:...
Thank you! that centered the button, but I didn't want the price to be on the left so is there a way to keep it on the right side across from reviews just like this.    
Hi! I tried this code, but the button on the first product card is still not centered. It just made everything go to the left.  
hi!I just removed the password temporarily so you can see.
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