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If for example, I create a HTML/CSS baseline for a section, how do you know when to replace some of these with liquid or add liquid on top of the existing code? I know what objects, tags and filters are, but would like to know some (or any!) of your ...
That makes a lot of sense, thank you!
Thank you for this!  Can I better know what exactly you mean by 'reuse'? Do you mean if someone wants to copy and paste the same contents within a div tag for a different section, or if someone wants to use the same contents within the same section f...
Something I've noticed is that in the theme code, there is liquid objects in the div tag, if I'm working on a specific section, what exactly is the purpose of having a {{section.id}} for example, if all of the code I write for that section applies to...
Hello reader,When creating new sections I often find myself starting them, but not finishing them because it feels either (1) there is something missing or (2) because the liquid code can be hard to interpret. I do have some knowledge of HTML and CSS...
Hello,I have some experience with HTML, CSS and liquid. So to guide me on how to do this I wouldn't have to start from scratch. If anyone can help me in this forum that would be much appreciated.
I want to make a collection section, where the image grids have no padding, and also slides on scroll on mobile. I want it to look like this (from the French Connection website):    
Can I add the custom cart icon I want on header.liquid?
Okay, currently using the default “Craft” theme
Okay, but if I want to add icons etc, is it only that part of the code Ineed to change or is it any other part?
Which parts of the shopify code should I change to make the header look how I want it to, and be able to change it in the settings? I really like the French Connection's website which was made using Shopify, and would like to use this as inspo:  
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