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How can I change shipping type to specific pin code and price between 0 to 99 and above 1000.I have two product furniture and household and both have different pin code to ship. If product under 0 to 99 then ,I want to show shipping type "free shippi...
Created Checkout UI extension for Tax_id and Customer_id to set in every customer metafield sending data to with customer detail but metafield not storing in backend.If any one have solution for this, Please help me.
I have collaborator access for production store and app installed successfully then why payment customization function not working and not showing logs in app and partner panel for both store is same. 
Hi, In the partner dashboard, under my app, under extensions, under payment-customization, i can see logs only of dev stores and not logs of production stores (shops that actually installed our app through the merchant link ). We have a store that th...
I have tried with this also still its giving null, defined metafield in admin product why it's giving null in payment-customization.Is there any other approach to get metafield from the product.
Created different metafield in product for same but still its giving null value , can you please explain where I am doing wrong,
First of all - thanks for the answer!I will carefully review the code according to your suggestion. Before that, could you please help me confirm one thing? I learned in the tutorial documentation(
Yes, in input query it's giving null. Getting this response
I am also doing the same thing but after writing this [extensions.input.variables]namespace = "payment-customization"key = "function-configuration"metafield giving Null, I am stucked to solve this issue.
Writed this query for get metafield from payment customization function query RunInput ($selectedCollectionIds: [ID!]) {cart {cost {totalAmount {amount}}lines {merchandise {__typename...on ProductVariant {idproduct {idhandlemetafield(namespace: "paym...
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