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Hi sorry to bother you but have you found a solution yet?
That worked! Thank you so much, I appreciate your help a lot and hope you have a nice day 
Here? That didn't solve the issue and now that code is being displayed at the top of the page.   
Still the same results unfortunately. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help by the way.  
Unfortunately that didn't work. Am I pasting the code in the wrong area? I'm in base.css  
Is there a custom code that you know of that could make the text go above the images?
 Like the title states, trying to get this text to go above the image. I'm using the Dawn theme and it's only giving me the option to place the text over the images or underneath. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.
As the title states, I'm trying to figure out how to make these swatches stretch horizontally instead of vertically across. Also if there's a way to make them clickable or when I hover over them, to make them larger. Thank you.   
I had tried that - but that didn't work either. I'm just going to use a rich text field because the formatting actually works as intended utilizing that tool. Is it better practice to have copy in the pages section though? 
Also to add onto this, can I just enter the text into a Rich Text field without hurting SEO? 
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