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Hi guys, any idea how I change this 'add to cart button' from transparent to black with white text? URL: http://albertandkeefes.compassword: galoch Thank you 
Hi guys, I would like to make my pop up modal button 'see scent descriptions' to be the same as the Add to cart button but I can't seem to do it? Any help is much appreciated  store URL is password:galoch 
Thank you so much for this! 
Hi guys, I've recently added a pop up modal to my products and I'm struggling to adjust the space between the link and the other options shown below. Is anybody able to help?   store URL is http://albertandkeefes.compw: galoch Thank you 
Nope, still not working  
Hi @Made4uo-Ribe thanks for your quick reply, unfortunately that didn't work.
Hi guys, I'm trying to get plain text above the column link in my mega menu but can't figure out how to do it.I want the 'candles' link to be plain text and not have it linked up to any page. Store URL is http://albertandkeefes.comPassword: galoch Th...
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