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Yes, thank you! What do you need access to? What is your email?
The related products section, titled "you may also like" underneath every product page repeats the same four products for every product in my store, but ONLY in mobile view. However, the mobile view shows the correct products from the theme editor. I...
My related products section is stuck showing the same 4 products underneath every product section. How can I fix this? My website is  It will allow me to change them all individually, but how can I get the search and dis...
I figured it out! Thank you SO much!!
Thank you so, so much! Where do I find the code for the first part so that I can change the 999 to 3?
It works on every page except for the home page on desktop my
Hi, could you help me as well? I am having the same issue.
can you still help me with this?
is there a way to boost this? I still need help with this issue
It didn't do anything unfortunately!
I have removed the dots/number counter from below the slideshow with this code: {display: none !important;} Now I would like to add white or translucent arrows on top of the s...
Thank you so so so much for this it was exactly what i needed!!
I know, that's why I added code that allows me to upload different images for mobile view only. 
Yes that's exactly what I would like for the mobile view to look like!I am not proficient in coding but I have been scouring it trying to find where that could be.It has to be where the "adjust to first image size" option is
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