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Are you talking about this button?Also, from the code you provided it looks like the heights for the before and after are not the same. Try changing them so they are the same.
float_number = string_number | times: 1.0
I assume javascript? parseFloat()?
If you are looking to add it to your LinkedIn profile for example. It's little confusing on Credly but I found that if you click on the Share/Promote button. Little misleading because it sounds like a social share but it will actually guide you to th...
There are no pre-test questions, but the learning path ( will include small quiz's which personally helped me a lot.
From looking at the code. That specific item looks to be a regularly priced item. It has it's own font-size of 1.6rem.And the other items are on sale with a font-size of 12px. Which you applied with the recent code change.If you want to adjust the si...
I don't see the grey border on your website. Might be browser specific. What browser do you have? This is a crude way of removing a border but if you want to override a border style you can use:.border-image { border: none !important; }  
On the Themes page click on the 3 dotted button, then Edit code 
You do need a page selected for your home page. Make sure you are editing the right page and all the display settings are aligned with the way you are viewing it live. 
I believe that theme has retired from the theme store (2.0) and I am not able to reproduce the theme to help. I think you may still run into trouble if you make it a square. As your desktop view will look too big.
Just a guess from looking at your website. Might look into if you have set a fixed height where it is preventing it from expanding for mobile. I'm guessing you looking for it look like this in your slideshow for mobile?
When saving make sure that it on the "Current Theme" and it showing "Live" at the very top of the customize editor.  To create pages:You can add pages by navigating to Sales channels > Online Store > Pages
It can be either, but be mindful that the css code that applies to that element may be overridden based on "cascade" css rule. I cannot see how your code is fully laid out so I cannot say for certain where you will want it for your specific need. Sor...
Looks like you found the class name from the earlier post to make it larger.Here it is again. It allows for you to modify the exact look for mobile or desktop. /* This is the default style that will want to apply only on mobile devices */ .your-text-...
You will want to find what the class name and replace it with the code below .your-text-class. You can find the class name easily if you search for that specific text "Welcome to Feminique By Cameron". It will look like <div class=theclassnameyouarel...
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