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User Activity in this product page I just want to change only one metafield size individually the metafield is "product disclaimer "how could I decrease its size without affecting the other fields above it? 
does this work with any theme ? and I have a multi-word metafield "material powers" How could I contain this to the code ? 
this product has no info for this metafield
some of them has it and some doesn't contain any info for this one  I want to hide the collapsible row field "material powers" when its black for a product how could I do this ? 
how to make the menu tab "shop" clickable to redirect me to the all products page and I did setup thee navigation to route to all products but it seems that when I click it it dropdown the menu not redirecting me to the all products page https://www....
Hello I want to the tags I addon the product description to be shown at the top of each product on the product page any help ? 
I need to show the tags that I add on the product tag in the shopify product description to be shown on the product page in online store like this one how could I do that
thanks this works 欄
I have an issue right here in making the drop-down menu to be shown horizontally rather than vertically is there any way for this to be fixed?
Hello @BSS-Commerce  Yes, I added the code and the button works but it is not showing the sub menu items. but I noticed that this happened since I changed the + button color by a custom CSS code is this a relation with what happens?  and how can I do...
 I have a problem with my mobile menu function when I press the + button it doesn't open the sub-menu I did search about it in the Shopify customizer and I didn't find anyway to customize it I don't know where to play with it in the code . website is...
I need to add a custom section on a new page on site and I want to put an email capturing section to integrate it with my klaviyou email system 
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