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Update: Resolved. I had quotation marks around my SCOPES env variables on the production server. Once they were removed, installation worked.  
I'm attempting to deploy an app into production for the first time. Everything works locally and now I've deployed the app to a google cloud run instance. When I try to install the app into one of my development stores, it gets stuck in a loop of 500...
Resolved. Turns out someone who didn't know what they were doing vis-a-vi oauth and authentication wrote all my code. After a painful time-consuming refactor, its all working.
Hello, I've read through the documentation and I'm still a little confused about how app-bridge works in the context of a remix app. I'm building a subscription app on top of the shopify remix example app. In root.jsx, I've wrapped the <Outlet> tag i...
What is the best way to setup the 'deliveryPolicy' for a plan selling digital products on a recurring basis? Since the merchant wont be shipping a product, I've tried simply removing the deliveryPolicy section from the 'sellingPlanToCreate' block of ...
Okay. Figured it out. I needed to add a checkout-system besides 'bogus payment processor' to get the store to make the store eligible for subscription. Duh.
Okay its been a week stuck on this issue. I've completely refactored my app. I've gone through the subscription  documentation, refactored my code, checked for correct scopes and the problem persists. I can successfully create subscriptions on the me...
To be clear, I got that console.log of the product object by adding this to the product page:  <script> document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { console.log("product: ", {{ product | json }}); }); </script...
Thanks - I've got the form setup to pass along the selling Plan ID but I can't seem to access it from the frontend. While the selling plans appear in the product screen on the admin side (see below), they don't appear in the product object. I think t...
Building a new app. I've got a button that does the following:1) Creates a new product2) Creates a variant on new product3) Creates a new selling plan group.4) Assigns the subscription selling plan group to the variant. All of these things seem to ha...
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