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 I was fixing buttons with css to make them pill shaped since dawn theme have some on squared that can be changed and when I did a light blurt appears on the button border, anyone know how to fix it? webpage: mistdeluxe.comtheme: dawn
Does anybody know how can you make one image banner for mobile and the other for desktop, my image looks good on mobile but it's too big on desktop, is there any code to add so you can make two different sizes of the same image and assign one to mobi...
Looks perfect, just had to add one exclamation point you missed on the second !important but now it looks like i wanted it to look thanks!
I tried with some previous posts from this community to add css to make the footer menu in horizontal (mobile only) but when i do it, there's no spacing between links and too much padding on the sides, making it look messy, can anybody help me? I'd l...
Is it possible to change the box/field where you submit your email on footer menu from rectangle shape to pill shaped?Also is it possible to change the text inside that field to make it bold and upper case, now it says Email and i'd like to have it a...
I use a banner image on my homepage that's 3128 × 4392 and have it set as "adapt to first image" and it seems to look great on mobile phone, but on desktop it looks very big and takes a while to scroll through it, same with the slideshow that i have ...
I appreciate the help but that code changes the background-color on all pages, I just want to change it on the product page to that color, while maintaining them on color black on homepage
Hello, I tried to change the "sale" badge color next to the price on base.css and it worked but it changes also on homepage where I have the featured products and it doesn't look good, i'd like to have the "sale" badge with background-color #B59393 o...
I try to add bottom margin for when the cart page is empty but it also adds to when a product is added, making too much spacing between sections, how can i add bottom margin only when the cart is empty?
Yes it worked, thank you so much for the help
I need some help with my website, the header on the Main Page got messy and the logo doesn't sit right with the icons and it's not aligned anymore, luckily the header on the Product Page remained intact so I want to see if i can copy it and paste it ...
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