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The code definitely works to autoplay video OVER the main image. I'm looking for the video to play ONLY when hovering over the main image. Did anyone work this out? Edited*The code works. For some reason some of the coding didn't save so I had to red...
For referrence: https://www.biche.store/products/smart-neck-massage-machineSeems a little too large in comparison to the dynamic buttonAlso: https://www.biche.store/collections/featured-productsAgain seems oversized Is there any css code to make the ...
Dawn Theme 12.0Aliexpress items were showing as sold out after importing.This is the fix:On the product editing page, click the 3 dots/ manage sales channels/check the box for "Online Store" 
Ok I got. I have to nest them under the main menu item instead of creating a new menu for under the items name like General theme 1. Thanks!
Yes, the menu is created and showed fine in General theme 1. Currently not showing at all under either drop down menu or mega menu. I thought that I had to redo the menus since i published dawn 12.0 but redoing them didn't work either.
I used this as it affected every button instead of just the form_submit button
Hi, a green background with black text. Thanks
 Hello,Add to cart and buy now buttons are not displaying correctly under the color scheme chosen. I have tried playing with opacity and nothing seems to work accept shadow. When applying an outline color, it changes the text color etc..  Also, under...
Quick fix. I downloaded the Dawn theme and was able to grab the original code. The drop down menu still does not display..
Hello,The drop down menu never displayed at all after creating the menu. The menu should drop down for the "Collections' link on the main menu. Please advisehttps://biche.store   
Hello,Theme: General store Theme 1I managed to find catalog price color in style.css but I am unable to locate the product page style sheet. Advise?
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