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Hello, I am building my new website, and i'm pretty happy with it so far. But I realised that my video on my home page will pe paused if the person has power saving mode on the phone. And i'm pretty happy with the "pause" image that it stopps on, but...
Can i have the burger menu on the side but a "shortcut" to my product only, that looks like the one on PC? Like just in the middle under the logo? Regards Elias
Hello, i want to have a phone menu similar to the one on PC. Appriciate any help! Website: https://d8106d-4.myshopify.com/ 
Hello, can someone help me with making my newletter radius to 18px? Website: https://d8106d-4.myshopify.com/ 
it worked, but the thing is the image is getting bigger. See picture. Are you able to change it? Thanks 
Hi,I want to change the placement of my text on my "Image with text". Look at my website and at my picture to see how i want. I want it centered. Website: https://d8106d-4.myshopify.com/ 
Also, do you think you could help me with moving the text on only PC to the center instead? Like this: 
Hi, I wanted to make my website look good, with no frames around my images. I tried to do it on the left side and it worked good, on phone and on PC. But I tried to code some myself on the right side and it looks great on PC, but in mobile it is not ...
Yes, so it is in the center of the black space
It looks really good, but only if you want to... Is it possible to make the text be in the middle on PC? Thanks for the help, i really appriciate it!
Yeah, it worked on phone, but it is possible to do it on the PC as well? Thanks for the help so far.
Hello, i am working on my website, and i want the image with text to have the image to not have a "frame" around it. I want it to just be there and not have anything around it accept of course the coloumb of text by the side. Please help. Website:htt...
Hi, im just staring a new website and i have diffrent buttons on my product.  There is cenrtein types of the product that does not exist in other colors, and when i have chose that type i dont want the other colors to show up just with a line in fron...
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