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Hi thank you !! but there's still this white space at bottom
can you please help ?? it's imp pass - gleaming goddess
Hello !! Can anyone let me know how to fix the background image of this mobile.Im using dawn themeThank you   
where to add this in code ?
I want to align this " Connect with us " text to the center, please help Code - {%- style -%}  .section-{{ }}-padding {    padding-top: {{ section.settings.padding_top | times: 0.75 | round: 0 }}px;    max-width: 120rem;    padding-left:1r...
Heyy !! I don't have time to add new code again, can you please fix this one ? Thank you !
Hello !! I've used an online code to split my image banners into desktop banner and mobile banner, but when I turn on animation ' Zoom in on scroll ' The banner is looking half and the second side of the banner is blank.In my Image banner section, Fi...
IT WORKED !! THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH ! May god bless you !!
themeinstallationguide.myshopify.compassword - passThank you soo much 
themeinstallationguide.myshopify.compassword - pass
there is this unnecessary space below announcement bar ( the light pink color ). I've made my header transparent but still this space is showing all my padding is set to 0. I've recently updated my code to make it transparent and sticky from here - h...
YESS ! It works ! Thank you soo soo much for your help  Really Grateful !
Hello ! I have a dawn theme which I have customized and I've also added a countdown section but for some reason it's not working properly, I need someone to verify my code and let me know what the issue is, I'm using dawn version 11.0.  Website -  ur...
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