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Thank you, just double checked everything and all appear to work as it should. 
Hi everyone.  Just add the dmarc record to my domain.  However I have my Domain redirected from to  the www is the another variant of the same domain, but when i check on the dmarc inspector, only the shows as val...
Thank you all.  Looks like its all sorted and my listings are back to google. After an intensive check on the website and being in touch with google costumer service, all been approved.  Thank you all for your help
Thank you, All updated on that bit.  Now came across another issue. the initial one is now gone from my dashboard..  But now I have this,   
Thats What I did.  My website domain is correct, No broken Links.  The products remain the same as it was a month ago, just the stock have changed, nothing else
Hi everyone. I've had my shop open for a couple of months now.  Been selling quite alright, not complaining since its just the start of everything, everything was going fine until 2 days ago got a email from google. Tried everything, but still not ap...
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