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That's very helpful thank you! I'm new to Shopify and didn't realize I could do that. 
Can someone assist me? I'm trying to add this custom field to only my Custom Essence product.I've tried to follow other instructions, but I think I'm doing something wrong.I've added custom liquid code to the product which shows up fine, it just show...
Does anyone know why I don't have access to the ability to customize my hamburger menu like this creator does?
Hello, I'm trying to change the background color of this product collection section on my home screen.  I've done it in featured product section by adding css to the section:div {background-color: #ffffff;max-width: 100%;} However, when I do so for t...
Awesome! That worked! Thank you so much.
Hello, I am wondering if anyone can assist me with removing this gradient image behind the text so that it's directly on the gif background. It is defaulting behind the text with my site's background image.My site is 
Hello, I am wondering if anyone can assist me with the same issue. It is defaulting behind the text with my site's background image and none of the above code is working.My site is    
I want to add white space to the left and the right of the page so that the images aren't so overwhelming.
Amazing! Thank you so much.  Do you happen to know how I can add padding to either sides of the trio of images so that there's white space on either side? 
I would like to make it so that this section extends the entire width of the page.  Would anyone be able to advise?Website: Thanks in advance!
Is it possible to make it all flow together with the background image I'm already using?
Hi, can you please advise on how to accomplish this effect on my site? I've added a background image and would like all the sections to blend together. My site is: pw: freeflowers Thank you so much in advance!
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