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I ended up figuring out a solution by changing the code for the page's buttons to link to a cart permalink. Thanks everyone.
No, I just want to have multiple buttons throughout my page that function as "Add to Cart'. Here's an example of someone offering a solution, but I think I'm missing a little bit of the previous context needed to implement this solution in my own sto...
Yes. I'd like the buttons throughout the page that say register to function as adding the product to cart so that it doesn't interrupt the client's viewing experience (as of right now when I click register it takes me back to the top to use the add t...
I'd like the buttons that say "Register" throughout the page to just add the same product (at the top of the page) to cart. Is that possible? 
Can someone please advise on how I can make the multiple buttons throughout my page add the product to cart instead of taking the user up to the top of the page? you...
Would you be able to help me with how this code could work on my page? I'm assuming there's a part of the code I'm missing. Here's the page I'm trying to add buttons throughout:
This worked for me! Thanks so much.
Hello,I'm looking for assistance adjusting the height of this section on mobile so it properly contains all the text. Can anyone assist?  Website is:  Thank you!
That's very helpful thank you! I'm new to Shopify and didn't realize I could do that. 
Can someone assist me? I'm trying to add this custom field to only my Custom Essence product.I've tried to follow other instructions, but I think I'm doing something wrong.I've added custom liquid code to the product which shows up fine, it just show...
Does anyone know why I don't have access to the ability to customize my hamburger menu like this creator does?
Hello, I'm trying to change the background color of this product collection section on my home screen.  I've done it in featured product section by adding css to the section:div {background-color: #ffffff;max-width: 100%;} However, when I do so for t...
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