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hi, yes. Thank you very much! 
thank you! but can it be a fixed image not scrolling? thank you!
image link: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0799/8350/9824/files/Halo-m_Banner_Collection.png?v=1699370950collection link:https://halo-m.com/collections/white-label-collections thank you very much
hello, but the problem is that it will change the photo in my collection list. it will be the girl in black in white, I still want it to be the hair. is that possible?if you click https://halo-m.com/collections and click https://halo-m.com/collection...
hi can you please help me, currently my collection featured image is this. but I want it like this  can I change it using CSS? coz I need the hair for my collection page image  thanks in advance
Hi, I would like to ask if it's possible to make this circle. Thank you in advance
oh, I edited it now. Thank you so much
Thank you! But now it looks like this, I would like to have a space between the border and text. 
hello, i have a problem on my lof-in page, the border when in focus is not the same length as my border field, how can fix it? it looks like this. Thanks in advance 
 hello, I want it to be like the above image. Thank you. 
Hi, can anyone help me? I want my footer links to be centered but the logo beside it is preventing it. please see the image. Thank you in advance.
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