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Thanks! I thought this would be done automatically, when using the Shopify Trustpilot integration.Nonetheless, I have added the js code to the header code in theme.liquid file. However, I am not certain where I would add this to the body. I am using ...
Hello world, I have added the Trustpilot widget for the Review collector to this site: https://handtverk.com/. According to the Shopify app it should be live and it is also published in the window you can see below. However, when you go to the actual...
The two written languages are very similar. A good comparison is English (US) and English (UK). Making this distinction on a website is useful when users can select either or, and when there is good language support for both. However, in many cases, ...
When shown in the dropdown to the end-user "Norwegian (Bokmål)" would ideally be shown as just "Norsk" and then "Norwegian (Nynorsk)" can be shown as "Norsk (Nynorsk)". In the language settings it is fine that they are listed as "Norwegian (Bokmål)" ...
Excellent! This works. Thank you for quick help.  
I can see in GA that some users are getting 404 after making this switch, and after unpublishing the "Norwegian" language version. I can also reproduce this if I go to https://handtverk.com/no in incognito mode. Is there a good way of quickly setting...
Thanks! This is now done.  I switched to "nb" and Norwegian (Bokmål). The main issue now is that all the external links that are currently referencing "no" are now getting 404 pages. 
Hi @richbrown_staff, Great that you are following this up!Norway has two official languages: Norwegian (Bokmål) and Norwegian (Nynorsk). Close to 90% of the population use Norwegian (Bokmål) and most see this as the standard Norwegian. Whenever the o...
Awesome! Thanks yet again! This did the trick ⭐
Hi again Makka,Unfortunately, it is not working anymore. Now it says "Buy it now" in both English and Norwegian selected. I have checked and the code is still in the theme.liquid file. 
Hello,Handtverk is currently using the Spotlight theme: https://handtverk.com/ There are two improvements I have been looking into where I would like some help if possible  1. In the language switcher (Translate & Adapt) the user can select between ...
Hi @macu! Any updates regarding Shopify Payments in Norway? This is a major blocker right now for Shopify in Norway.
Amazing! This works perfectly. Thanks again!
Thank you! It works, although the button flickers. You can test it here: https://handtverk.com/products/rekke-guide?variant=42041497321655
Hi @richbrown_staff! That is good to hear. I am using the just "Norwegian" one.Btw, I also expect this is the one most common in use in Norway as this is default Norwegian, which equals Norwegian (Bokmål). 
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