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@alexdaro Thank you for your reply. Here is the code for multicolumn sections. On the other hand, I want to make this modification for a particular multicolumn section and not for all multicolumn sections.  {{ 'section-multicolumn.css' | asset_url | ...
Hello, I want to place the texts before the images but only for a multicolumn section. Could you help me please? My store:https://rnschvybyvw3n56n-72774910301.shopifypreview.com
Good morning,I want to change the position of the chat bubble but I can't find anywhere in the code where to do it. Could anyone help me?  Here is the link to my store:https://fj52f96o79uk9yvs-72774910301.shopifypreview.com
Hello everyone, Need your help. I am currently using the simple bundles & kits app to create a product by grouping several products together as a variation in order to have a pack.  I would like to be able to have an additional quantity of bundles bu...
Could someone tell me where to find or how to make this kind of drawn favicon? 
Est ce que quelqu'un saurait me dire ou est ce qu'il est possible de trouver ou comment faire ce genre de favicon dessiné? 
I would like to point out right away that I do not want an application as a solution. I want to add a bar with icons and texts on my home page. I would like this bar to remain intact on mobile too.I use the refresh theme here is my store: https://www...
@ThePrimeWeb When I scroll on the page and go back to the pop-up level, it goes down by itself 
@ThePrimeWeb It's ok thank's
@ThePrimeWeb Thanks, I succeeded for the computer version. For mobile phones, depending on the different mobile sizes, the pop-up position changes
@ThePrimeWeb I don't have the bar at the bottom of the screen that allows me to share the preview
@ThePrimeWeb Yes, how do I do it so that you can draft the theme?
@Mindzedge3 I don't want an app to fix this problem
@ThePrimeWeb Yes, you saw the published theme. I am working on a draft theme
Thank you for your reply. I'm using the Refresh 12 theme
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