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I was able to find the issue with the navigation bar. I still need help with disabling the shopify subscription popup. "This gray bar appears for any merchant who is viewing their own site from a browser where they're also logged in to their Shopify ...
I want to replace this with the Klaviyo email and SMS app. I have set the app to draft mode because the other email prompt keeps popping up.In addition, my store is live. Why am I still getting the Navigate to the admin bar at the bottom of the site?...
Can you take a look at this request since you are already in? The other dev mentioned he could add a static image URL, but not a dynamic URL per t...
Well, I was able to do that. Let me think about which card I will use. That's sad. It would be great for customers to get each type of card.
I was able to follow this KBA, but I think you will need to add code with the IF, Then statements
Can you take a look at this request since you are already in?
I just found that when I log out it says 'HI, LOGIN'.  It should only say, LOGIN
Beautiful! It's working on both mobile and desktop. I also tested few logins and it worked great.  Thank you so much. i had another job for you, but I think someone is working it.
I am now seeing first and last names on desktop and mobile. Only use 'Hi, [First Name]' please. The first and last names will take up too much space. Some people have very long name. Only use the first name with the 'Hi'
It works, but it has the customer's first and last name. Can you put "Hi, [First Name]" for both desktop and mobile?
Here is desktop. Mobile still says My Account. The Menu is in the upper left corner
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