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Hey guys!  Currently in the process of setting up my Print on Demand store WITH MY OWN printer.  I've seen many options like Printify or Printful, but my understanding is they also take care of producing and shipping the products.  Not really interes...
Hey! I sell both women and men products, and sometimes the collapsible rows I add on the side are not applicable for every SKU.  How can I change the collapsible rows depending on each product? 
Hey guys, would love to get some feedback on what features or things I should be improving on my store. Please don't reach out trying to sell me your services, I'm only looking for honest feedback. Here is my store URL: Here are som...
Hey! It works on some elements, but the buy button is still black 
Thank you! And how do I change the remaining items that keep being black on your picture? I would like to change them all
Hey! I've been trying to change the text & button colors of product information page to make it match the rest of my store, but I can't seem to find the answer. Here's the link As you can see, the pro...
thanks! I had to change the coding myself, apparently Dawn theme isn't really working well with my payment gateway
Hey. I live in Chile, South America, and am building my shopify store. I'm using Mercado Pago as Payment Gateway, since it's the most popular in my country. The gateway is activated and I've even made some testing purchases, so I know that's not the ...
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