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On the product page, I need to add a name and email input field, and this data should be displayed in the json after the payment was successful. I added a simple opt-in, but the data from this opt-in is not displayed in the json. Please help me, I do...
I just need to make sure that the data of who bought the product, name, surname, email, and product variant goes to the backend server, which reads this data and performs its own functionality (I don't know what it is, I was asked to do it by the dev...
I'm sorry, but I have one more question. I have a backend part to which I also need to send this data. I created a webhook that sends data when the product is successfully paid for. Did I understand correctly, the data about the options will go to th...
Thank you very much!) And I have an idea: if you create a "product variants" for a product, will this field be sent to the email?
I've created variants for my product, but the type of variant doesn't suit me. There is a size, color, style, and material, but I have a digital product. Where can I change the name of the variant. Could you please tell me?
I have a problem, the product has several options, a regular purchase, a gift purchase and a corporate purchase. I need to do this, in the window where I can choose the product's bulk and pay for it. I also need this data to be sent to the mail, that...
Hello everyone, I am new to shopify. I have a task to make a tab bar in the form of a roadmap. But I can't understand how to make these tabs as shown in the photo. Please help me with this
Hi everyone, I'm new to shopify, so I apologize for any stupid or obvious questions right away. I'm just getting into this platform. I need to have a tab bar on the page, which when you click on one of the tabs shows a tab with information and I need...
Hello everyone!) I'm new to the shopify platform. If this question has already been asked, I would be very grateful if you could share a link or give me an answer. Thank you very much in advance I have the following task. Designers have made a desig...
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