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I managed to fix it
I have this problem only on a couple of the products.My international market has the shipping rate set correctly and is active.It's occuring no matter the country of adress 
Yeah, but as you can see its changed.But I want it to be visible on the catalog page so it says: "X designs avaible
Hello,Is there a way to make options visible without their name being "Colors"?for example "Design" 
Thanks for reply. But i don't thing it's an option. The product is connected to CJdropshipping and after deleting the variants they gonna disconnect from CJ. Do you know if there is other way around? Maybe delete the whole product page and paste all ...
Hi, On one of my products I encountered problem with not visible variations.Product website: Link Screenshots: 
Thanks for help!It worked but the only thing is the frame color is different (when option selected) 
Hi,Thanks for response. I tried it but It changes colors only for a text. You probably have visited my website. I want it to look this way. (like the ghost in the bottom of the home page) 
I cannot change it in theme settings and that's how it looks now.Link to the website: https://jinglebellsboutique.com/ 
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