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My shopify store has been running for a few months now and in the last 24 hours cannot be accessed due to the following error. Could someone please assist me with this as a matter of urgency, as many of us with this issue are losing businessas a resu...
It sia lready set up that way, but the coder who recently customised it"deactivated" it.
Hi, I would like to add a dropdown to the header menu items with several links nested within. Please advise how this can be achieved 
Hi you mean this?
Hi there, All my products that have variants (eg colour, material option drop-downs) are showing as sold out, regardless of ensuring the inventory levels are adequate. Furthermore, the assigned prices of these variants are also defaulting to the same...
Hi Sahilsharma9515 This sounds great if you could try and add the custom section for me 
Hi there, I would like to: 1) add 4-5 accordians for product information on each product page (that can be edited differently for each product)2) Each accordian heading should have an h3 tag3) The description should always be opened by default (see e...
Hi thanks for your help. I tried that but the "About" heading is still bigger than the "Contact Us" heading. See screenshot I took in photoshop, placing the two side by side to check. Please advise what can be done to achieve consistent, smaller cont...
Hi there, Thanks for your help, however you can see i the screen shots that the headings are different on different pages. Is there anyway of overriding all headings on content pages? 
Hi there  I'd like to:1) reduce the heading size on only content pages using Dawn.2) reduce the bottom margin between this heading ad the body copy  
Excellent - worked like a dream  Thank you 
Hi there, I would like to: 1) Reduce vertical space  between heading and "View now" links on the bottom three multi-column cards (see attached image)2) Reduce padding of these text block on the same bottom multi-column cards3) Add a heading to the en...
Hi there,I would like to: 1) Change ordering of vendor to above the product name2) Change the colour of the price to #666666
I would like to use a light font weights for my theme in Dawn. How can I upload google fonts to make this happen?
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