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Thanks a lot, that worked! 
thanks a lot, that worked! 
 Hi there,I already asked for this once but unfortunately I didnt get any anwser that solved my problem.. In my cart overview (mobile only) my buttons are white and I cant figure out why.. does anyone have a solution pls? thanks in advance! 
No its not fixed unfortunately.. 
Ah, gotcha. Did change the css code but unfortunately it didnt change anything for my mobile cart overview..
I’ll try, is that code located in the base css? Can not find it…
 on the lowest line of my base.css thanks! 
Hi, thanks for the fast reply! It did work for laptop but not for mobile. Any way to change the css specifically for mobile? Thanks!!
 Hi everyone,I recently asked this question here already but didnt really got a working solution so I hope somebody else can help me since its a serious issue! As you can see in the image below, the 2 buttons in my cart overview (on mobile) are white...
 hi everyone,my website is almost finished but still have some problems to make the buttons in my cart overview (on mobile) visible as you can see in the screenshot. Does anyone know how to fix this? also, in the screenshot below, I want to make the ...
got it, thanks!
Thanks for the response! It did work except that the text is still white (so not visible in button) You know how to fix that aswell?
Thank you! It does work on desktop but not on mobile yet. You have a css code for that aswell?
Hi there, does anyone know how to get the buttons on my account page visible for desktop and mobile version? store url: Thanks in advance
that worked, thanks!
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