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Hi everyone, I have issues in my collection page in mobile view. The icons at the bottom are larger than the other icon above. And there's this space between the group of icons.Store URL: thecleanroom.netSee photo for reference:  
Hi! This is the screenshot of the payment options 
Hi!May I know how to hide the installment option when the customer selects free shipping?
Hi!I have added your code in to my store. There was a problem on the last section. The last two icons looks bigger and there is this gap in between the icons:  
Hi everyone, I would like to disable the free shipping when customers use installment payment when availing our products? Is there any way to do this? Store URL: thecleanroom.netThank you in advance!
Hi!I would like to consider your request, but I can't see on the screen shot you provide the whole code after .collection-list section-col...list.css:54. May I have the code be written here in reply? And also where do I have to put the codes?
Hi everyone, I have change the photos of my collections, it appears fine in desktop view, but the problem is the responsiveness when it comes to mobile.  I want to separate the icons into 2 or 3 columns and make it look smaller.Site URL: thecleanroom...
Hi! May I know how to do it? I'm currently using Dawn theme. Thank you in advance!
Hi everyone, I want to show my menu in my mobile just like how it shows in my desktop, but I still want to retain my hamburger menu.Store URL: thecleanroom.netSee the photo for reference:The encircled section is what I want to copy it is a scrollable...
Hi! Can I do this to my website also?Store URL:
Sorry for the confusion, but what I want is similar to this: 
Hi everyone. I want to display my menu in my mobile site view. aside of having a dropdown menu or hamburger menu I also want to display it below my page logo in one line that can be slide to right side. Store URL: thecleanroom.hetSe the photo for ref...
Thank you so much!
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