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I have a client that sells gym equipment and workout programs. I want to make it so that customers can only add & checkout with one workout program at a time, with a max. qty of 1 per checkout, but they can still have multiple products from other col...
Unfortunately redirects can't come from a) product pages, or b) pages that aren't 404 error pagesThe buy button isn't really useful for this situationThank you anyway
There are product pages, which you can assign products to, then there are regular pages, which you cannot seem to assign products to. Is there a way to redirect products to these regular pages? I have built landing pages and linked them in the naviga...
Wait actually @EBOOST , the mobile version works in the preview but not on the actual live mobile site. Do you know why this could be?
This worked! You are a lifesaver, thank you so much!! I literally tried every other question/solution I saw in this group and nothing worked until now. Thank you!!
I am trying to make the image fill the whole screen on both desktop and mobile for this email sign-up banner in Dawn theme. I have removed the header & footer and there's currently an off-white gap down the bottom that I want gone. Ideally, I'd also ...
Hey, this didn't work for me. I tried different images on desktop and mobile. Why is it looking like this?
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