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Thank you so much for your feedback, I will definetly implement those changes! In terms of the white space, because I am using a free (dawn) theme, my theme seems to render my homepage- (specifically the best sellers products at the top) depending on...
Thank you Sophia I appreciate the feedback! I will definetly incoporate these changes.For some reason when I edit my theme on desktop it does not update with the changes I made when I actually go look at my webiste in a  different browser. I dont hav...
Thank you for the feedback! Where do you recommend I advertise because so far facebook and instagram ads have not worked for me and I have played around with the audience- targeting only women and certain age groups but it has not converted.   
Thanks for teh feedback! I have not heard of studads, ive only run ads on facebook and instraram. 
Hi there, I would love some feedback on my store. I launched it a few months ago, Ive had atleast 1000 website visitors but none have converted to sales. Clearly there is something wrong on my site that needs to be changed. I received advice the last...
Thank you for letting me know! I ran my website through an ssl checker and it seemed fine. Does that mean I should uninstall the tag embed app ? 
Thank you so much Kate for the thorough response and helpful tips! Ill definetly keep these in mind and implement them. 
Ive had hundreds of visitors on my site the last couple of months but they are just not converting. I have tried EVERYTHING that I can think of- facebook ads, posting on social media regularly, sales & promotions but still crickets. Im thinking maybe...
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