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Thank you @oscprofessional this is super helpful! Looks like instafeed will be the way to go for us 
Hi there, does anyone have a third party app they would recommend for Instagram?  I am looking for one that video autoplay - similar to this website at bottom of homepage. Thank you!
Hi @tim thanks for the above! I was wondering how I make this full width also on mobile?
Hi @Made4uo-Ribe - apologies sent the wrong link
Hi there, here is the preview link. Thanks
Hi there, I am using the 'combine theme' on shopify plus.  I am wishing to make the image full width on the info tabs section (so not have the gap on the left side of the section in the screenshot). It is an SVG image how do I go about changing this?...
Thank you @Made4uo-Ribe \Password is: broadcast
Thank you @Made4uo-Ribe !Store URL example as shown above: Also what would you recommend if one of the scents in the dropdown becomes 'out of stock'  so people don't think it's disco...
Hi there,  Wondering if someone would be able to help me? I am using the Zepto Product Personalizer app The app has a CSS section and I wish to do some code to make it look more like my mockup. - Make the dropdown options have less padding between th...
Thank you very much! Appreciate your help on this!
Thinking of purchasing this Shopify theme that includes a 'build your own kit' capability. I am wondering if any developers out there would know if below is possible to custom code before I go ahead and get the theme? The development I am after: Add ...
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