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Hello Shopify Community,I am reaching out for assistance regarding configuring multiple GST slabs on our Shopify platform. At OrganicBazar, we deal with a variety of products, each falling under different GST categories, including 0%, 5%, 12%, and 18...
Hello There,We've encountered a situation with our store, OrganicBazar, where an error message states that access is temporarily unavailable due to high volumes of web requests from our location. This has significantly hindered our staff's ability to...
Hello Shopify Community,I'm writing from OrganicBazar with an issue regarding employee access to a custom sales channel on our Shopify account. Even after thorough checking from my end, I couldn't locate any specific permissions or settings to grant ...
Thank you for your suggestion to block the admin URL. I agree with this approach for enhanced security and will also consider adding Storebot-Google as you recommended. I'll ensure these changes are implemented promptly.
Hello EmmanuelFlossie,We've received a suggestion from Google Ads to modify our robots.txt for a full-site crawl, as follows:makefileCopy codeUser-agent: GooglebotDisallow:User-agent: Googlebot-imageDisallow:This differs from your previous advice. Yo...
Hello EmmanuelFlossie,Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We are keen to implement your recommendation and will inform you about the outcomes once applied.
Hello Shopify Community,I'm reaching out for some advice regarding an issue we're facing with our Shopify store in the Google Merchant Center. We have been notified to update our robots.txt file to allow "Googlebot" and "Googlebot-Image" access for c...
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