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the world needs more people like you...!thank you so much!
Just sent an inquiry to your email regarding access! Thanks!
solved this but another space on the product page is still unsolved, don't know what code i need to delete to get rid of this T^T would really appreciate some pointers! 
thanks for pointing this out, do you know where i can go to delete the relative codes? theme.liquid or? thank you!!!
www.kidkartz.comhow can i get rid of the space circled in red? thank you! 
theme.liquid<style>.product__xr-button{ display: none !important; }</style>worked!
I can see the XR button now thanks! I didn't even know it was there... but I can't seem to get rid of it or make it functional at least it doesn't lead to anywhere currently, unresponsive...same thing with the product page, it's just a blank white sp...
www.kidkartz.comWould really appreciate assistance on how to get rid of this white space circled in the screenshot! Thanks! 
Thank you! It worked! But now there is an unnecessary space under the image as seen in the screenshot, anyway to fix this as well? ;-;
hi all, how can i make these two spaces above and below my content smaller?thanks!
It changed the Comment section's border haha, instead of the bottom left and right white section's borders ;-;
These are so so key! Yes to the Contact page and bulk order, really needed to add those. Thank you!
I wish I could say one of these is my favourite but in fact all are so valuable! Thank you so much for taking your time to compose this!^^
Hi all, would love your perspective even if it’s just a line about how you feel especially if you’re a parent or work in children-related businesses.   I will attach my current two ads, one video one is just a photo. At best CPC is $0.18 and CTR can ...
it did not change anything for some reason T^T
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